October 2, 2014

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Parents and child walking holding hands

Nuclear Family

The nuclear family isn’t just a family exposed to heavy doses of radiation. Jokes aside, the nuclear family is an important concept to understand because the nuclear family is a vital component of every culture and civilization that has ever existed. The best definition of nuclear family is the parents and children living in the [...]

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Best Friend Quotes

I love my best friend. So, a few years ago I was searching for a gift that included engraved best friend quotes. I searched on the internet for best friend quotes, but just found a bunch of random sayings about friendship. I didn’t like how these sites had really boring best friends quotes so I went [...]

A android phone with I luv u on it

Love Messages (For A Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Etc)

Have you ever thought about writing love messages to that special someone? Like for a boyfriend? For a girlfriend? Well, you have come to the right place, because I am going to tell you how to write and text the best love messages possible, and also tell you the best way to send them. I [...]

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Bff Quotes

The other day I was talking to my best friend and wanted to find bff quotes. I found a lot of quotes on friendship, but not any specific bff quote. While I understand that most people don’t want only bff quotes, I wasn’t happy with having just general friendship quotes. I wanted bff quotes that [...]

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A bff is teenage and young adult slang for one’s best friend. Bff has the meaning of best friend forever and is pronounced bee-eff-eff. The plural, bffs, stands for best friends forever. Although a boy may have a best friend, the term bff is typically used by girls. Judging by the number of girls texting about [...]

Asus Transformer TF101-A1_tablet_L and Keyboard Dock and Specs

Asus Tranformer and Specs

I love my Asus Transformer!! I wrote some of this blog on the Asus Transfomer, so I have tested it in every conceivable way in the last few weeks since I bought it. The market is flooded with all sorts of new tablet computers since the advent of the iPad.  iPads are nice, but they are simply [...]