September 23, 2014

Asus Tranformer and Specs

I love my Asus Transformer!! I wrote some of this blog on the Asus Transfomer, so I have tested it in every conceivable way in the last few weeks since I bought it.

The market is flooded with all sorts of new tablet computers since the advent of the iPad.  iPads are nice, but they are simply too expensive for what you get (or what you don’t get, frankly).  Don’t forget, when you buy an Apple, most of what you are paying for is the glowing Logo on the back of the device.

Of course, with the advent of iPad, there have been several contenders to the tablet market.  Blackberry has had an entry as well as the ill-fated HP with Web OS.  Neither of these were contenders in the way that the Android Operating System from Google has been.

I have been using Android since it came out a couple of years ago, on the old G1 Machines.  Before that, I used Windows CE (Windows Mobile 5.0) which, for its day, was a pretty good OS in its own right.  But I have really enjoyed the flexibility of the Android OS, and have even dabbled with making some apps.

So when the tablets started coming out, I got taken (that is another article) by a manufacturer that promised more than they tablet could give.  And then, one day, I walked into Best Buy, and there is was, the Asus Transformer.  The Asus Transformer sat there with the other tablet computers, and specifically Android devices.  There the Asus Transformer was right beside the Motorola Xoom that I had been reading about for a few months.  The Xoom is a little lighter and has a higher Res screen, but what I saw next to the Asus transformer was nothing short of beautiful: a full sized clip on, Qwerty keyboard.

Sure iPad has keyboards, and you can plug USB keyboards into most devices coming out these days, but this Keyboard was MADE for the ASUS Transformer.  It easily clips right in, and then it looks like a normal laptop.  The keyboard is beautiful and easy to use too!  Like I said, I typed many of the posts on this website using it.

Together, the Asus Transformer and the keyboard are a little heavy, but not any more than a conventional laptop.  It is fast as lightening too- it came out of the box with Honeycomb, but had an instant upgrade waiting when I hooked it into the wi-fi at home.  It runs the apps beautifully, it has a great screen, and it is extremely fast.

Here is the absolute best part- aside from the fact that the Asus Transformer has HDMI ports, USB ports, a 5 MP camera in the back and a nice camera up from for Skyping with your neighbor, the best part is the battery life!  I have yet to run my Asus Transformer down with a normal day of use.  I have used it for two days straight, sometimes playing videos on it for hours through Wi-fi.  That is because the keyboard dock of the Asus Transformer has a battery in it too- and without a hard drive, the battery life seems limitless.  (Of course, nothing is limitless, right?)

The only complaint is that the audio isn’t great from the Asus Transformer.  The speakers are weak (weaker than my EVO Android phone) and the Mic isn’t anything to speak of.  However, you can hook earphones and a mic in.

I am very happy with my Asus Transformer.  If I need a tablet, I grab it and go- if I need something to type with, I make sure it is hooked into it’s keyboard dock- it is great to go to a place without havgin to worry about plugging into a socket for hours and hours!



Here are the Technical Specs of the Asus Transformer

Asus Transformer Specs:

Brand Name: Asus
Color: Espresso
Item Height: 0.51 inches
Item Width: 6.97 inches
Screen Size: 10.1 inches
Display Resolution Maximum: 1280×800 pixels
Processor Brand: NVIDIA
Processor Count: 1
RAM Size: 1000 MB
Memory Technology: SO-DIMM
Computer Memory Type: DDR2 SDRAM
Maximum Memory Supported: 1 GB
Hard Drive
Hard Drive Size: 16/32 GB
Hard Disk Description: Flash
Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA
Graphics Coprocessor: No Information
Additional Specifications
Hardware Platform: PC
Operating System: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
Battery Description: 1 Lithium Polymer Rechargeable
Average Battery Life (in hours): 9 hours
Lithium Battery Energy Content: 24.4 watt_hours
Lithium Battery Packaging: Batteries contained in equipment

Here are the Asus Transformer Specs for teh Keyboard Dock
Input/Output: 2 x USB 2.0
Card Reader: 1 x 4-in-1 Card Reader / MMC / SD (SDHC/SDXC)
Battery: 24.4 W/h Li-polymer battery (up to 6.5 hours)1
Dimensions: 10.67″ x7.28″ x 1.1″ inches (W x D x H)
Weight: 1.41 lbs (with battery)
Color: Espresso



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