September 24, 2014


Baby and toddler huggingA bff is teenage and young adult slang for one’s best friend. Bff has the meaning of best friend forever and is pronounced bee-eff-eff. The plural, bffs, stands for best friends forever. Although a boy may have a best friend, the term bff is typically used by girls.

Judging by the number of girls texting about their bffs and the bff quotes found on the internet, it’s obvious that girls like having a bff. Below I have tips to get yourself a bff, advice to keep a bff if you already have one, and gift suggestions.

Meeting a BFF

1. Don’t Be A Snob

If you’re stuck up or think you’re better than everyone else, you’ll never have bffs. No girl wants to hang with a snob. If you think you could be stuck up and get bffs, you’re wrong. Sure, snobby people can have friends, but a bff is much more than a friend. It’s a person you’ll bond with on a deeper level. You have to be willing to open up and be nice if you want a bff.

2. Approach New People

I know meeting new people can be tough, but if you don’t have a bff among your current friends, you’ll have to find a way to meet new friends. I recommend being friendly, smiling a lot, and talking to everyone you meet in a day. It can be as easy as saying hello or asking how their day has been. While most of these people won’t end up as your bffs, chances are, if you do this long enough, you’ll find a bff.

Keeping a BFF

1. Don’t Over-Do It

While it’s fun to spend time with your bff, if you’re with her too much you’ll be soooooooo tired of her in no time. In fact spending too much time with your bff will make sure she’s not a bff for too long. The best bet is to spend time with other friends a couple nights a week, so you don’t get sick of her.

2. Have a Big Circle of Friends

You can still make the bff your favorite and give her most of your attention, but if the bff is your only friend, then you will rely on your her for your social life. Even a bffs needs a break from your drama (and you from theirs)! If you haven’t seen a friend in awhile, give them a call and hang out for a night. It’ll be a nice break from your bffs and help you create better friendships with your other friends.

3. Don’t Take Your BFFs For Granted

Just because she’s your bff doesn’t mean you have a right to dump on her. Next time you see your bff, thank her for all she’s done for you. A little gratitude for your bffs goes a long way.

If you want to show your bff some gratitude, why not get her gifts? In my experience, bffs love bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. You don’t have to get your bff a unique gift. It can be practical too. Maybe she’d love make up or tickets to a concert. We have a lot of great products featured on this page that your bffs will love. Also, you may like our bff quotes.

If you have a bff, why not tell the world? Leave a comment and click “post to Facebook” to share the name of your bff and why you love her with your Facebook friends and the world.



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