September 23, 2014

Ex Wife

With divorce rates hovering near 43% (yes, it’s not quite 50%) many men in the United States have an ex wife. Sometimes, they can be bitter towards their ex wife, while some still may love their ex wife. A lot of it depends on how much alimony the ex wife gets and how she deals with the children!

Lots of factors can lead to ex wives, including either party cheating or the marriage simply dying. Having worked with many men who have an ex wife, here’s my advice for getting over an ex wife and moving on. Because I know one thing: it isn’t easy!

First, I will address men who are still in love with their ex wives. If you are this type of man, ask yourself why you have an ex wife to begin with. If she didn’t leave you, then why did you leave her? If you left, then your life with your ex wife must not have been too ideal. Why do you think she would change after time spent apart? If you get sentimental for your ex wife, just remember why you left your ex wife to begin with!

If you are a man who hates your ex wife, you need some help too. Sure your ex wife may be a bitch. In fact, a lot of women are nasty to men, especially when they realize that the courts favor women, even manipulative, troubled ones. But, does your ex wife dominate your thoughts? Do you dwell on how much you hate your ex wife? If so, then now’s the time to let go of your ex wife, bro. Even if she’s getting some of your money, don’t give her any more power. Don’t give your ex wife your dignity too.

If you have children with an ex wife, then my advice to let go is probably not easy. You may need to have your ex wife in your life, even if for the sake of the kids. If this is your situation, then treat your ex wife with dignity, even if she’s not nice to you. Your kids will see the truth about your ex wife when they get older. Don’t make them find out that you are petty or insecure and not a good example. Trust me, when they get older, they will see her for how she really is. Don’t let them grow up and find out that you are the idiot.

Hopefully you have a good ex wife who you’re friends with. But if you’re not, my tips for dealing with an ex wife should help. In time you’ll be able to move on to someone else. However, pick the right person and don’t rush into a marriage. Otherwise you’ll just be dealing with an ex wife all over again, buddy.

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