September 18, 2014

Friend With Benefits

A friend with benefits is someone you are technically only friends with, but will occasionally or even regularly have sexual relations with. Having friends with benefits is not terribly common because of traditional values. However, there are a sizable number of people who find a friend with benefits on the side. The most common occurrence happens when two friends randomly hook up either due to passion or being under the influence.

If you are looking to get friends with benefits then be prepared to face some resistance. Society still looks down on such an arrangement as immoral. Even if you get a friend with benefits, realize that guilt or pressure may also convince that person to stop being a sexual partner and you may lose both the benefits and the friendship. With those notes of caution, here is how to get yourself a friends with benefits.

For Men

Step 1: Show Her You’re A Valuable Guy

If you are a man, the first and most important thing is to be high value. You must project to women that you are confident, powerful, and funny. This will make them want to be a friend with benefits to you and not just a friend. Remember, women will typically be judged as sluts if they give sexual favors to a man. You have to be a pretty amazing man to make it worth the hassle.

Step 2: Leave the Friend Zone

If you already have a woman who you’re friends with, there’s a reason you’re not her boyfriend. You’ll have to convince her that you are different than when she first met you. She has to think you’re not just friend material, but sex material You can do this by being more edgy, more mysterious, funnier, and more confident. Make her realize that being friends with benefits is much more exciting and fun than just being a normal friend, especially if you’re a sex beast.

At some point, you’ll have to take the first step to leave the friend zone. Realize that you may blow the friendship if you do this. If you want to be her friend for life, you probably shouldn’t ask. If, however, you don’t care, then move forward. You can either be direct and just talk about it or try to build up the sexual tension then make a move.

For Women

Step 1: Flirt More

If you are a woman, many of your male friends probably already like you and will gladly be a friend with benefits. However, many of them are too shy to make the first move. If you want to have one or more of them as friends with benefits then you may want to flirt extra hard with them or touch them in playfully sexual ways. If they respond positively, then you’ve probably moved the relationship in a sexual direction. At that point, you can either be direct or wait for him to take the lead.

Step 2: Avoid Being Too Emotionally Attached

Having a friend with benefits isn’t the same as having a boyfriend. You’re just having sex with friends. So, you’ll have to be careful about getting too attached if the guy thinks sex with you is nothing serious. Unless you’re willing to become his girlfriend or he offers, it’s most likely going to be the unique situation of being friends with benefits.

For Men and Women

A good place to find a friend with benefits is to either use your current set of friends or go out to clubs and bars and meet new ones. Don’t bring up your purpose initially or you’ll scare the person off. Just become their friend naturally and follow my previous advice.

In the end, remember that having a friend with benefits must benefit everyone involved. It can’t be about manipulation or control. Having a friend with benefits can be a great source of fun, but also a chance for emotional problems. You can avoid this by setting rules from the start. One of them should be that if anyone is getting too attached or feeling used, the “benefits” must end immediately.

I hope you found these friends with benefits tips helpful. Share your tips and advice in the comments below. If you’re brave, click “post to Facebook” and share them with the world.



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