September 22, 2014

I Hate You

scowling girlI hardly ever tell someone I hate you, because it is rude, mean, and hurts people’s feelings, unless it is said as flirting, which I explain below. I hate you is probably one of the strongest – and meanest – phrases in the English language, yet many people use as a way to anger and hurt friends, romantic interests, relatives, etc. If you say it a lot, and mean it, you probably have no friends, no date, spend all day staring at a computer, and aren’t very popular. You probably are an isolated loner and all of your dates can be inflated. And I guarantee that even if your girlfriend is inflatable you would probably say “I hate her” too. That’s okay, I knew a guy who always said I hate you to people, and I swear his girlfriend’s motto was “I hate him“ and not in the fun, flirty way I talk about below.

Do you want to hear an I hate you  joke? Just find someone extra nasty and ask them “what is mean, ugly, and hateful? When they say “what?” just say “just look at the photo on your driver’s license.” That tends to make people kind of mad.

This whole I hate you thing can get confusing.  Sometimes when people say I hate you, they actually mean I love you, which makes the use of the phrase even stranger. I will explain that below (guys take note, because this concerns you!).

I think it is a good idea to avoid saying I hate you if it is used in an angry or hurtful way. I guarantee if you have ever been told I hate you, it has had a lasting impact on you. Saying it just brings up more feelings of hate for them and you. For example, when a parent says a child cannot do something, the child may utter an I hate you, without thinking how it will hurt his parents’ feelings. Parents may also lose their cool and tell their children the dreaded phrase, if they are pushed to their limit by bratty kids. I am amazed how many times I have heard relatives tell each other I hate you, even though they may say I love you the next day. It is truly weird. I feel so strongly about this family hate that I just want to kill them all so they will love more! Umm…wait…Maybe I hate family a little too much.

Sometimes, people say I hate you as a joke. Girls will say I hate you a lot, while flirting with a guy they like. If I am flirting with a girl, and she says “I hate you,” while smiling and laughing, I know that she actually likes me, and we can go out for a date later. Some guys are pretty clueless and actually believe a girl really means I hate you in this situation, because they can’t read body language. If someone says I hate you, and is laughing, smiling, and seems to be flirting, you can assume she means the exact opposite! Many girlfriends and boyfriends, especially teens, say I hate you as a way to tease each other. Try it sometime, just make sure you say it playfully and in a cute way. When a girl says I hate you I say “you can’t hate this!” Usually that makes them “hate” me more.

Life is too short to say I hate you all the time, unless you mean it as a joke. Life is too short to create more hurt, anger, and pain in the world. At the end of your life, would you rather have made people feel better, or made them feel bad? Only extreme narcissists (people that are really, really into themselves) and anti-social types get true pleasure out of saying I hate you to hurt others.  And if you hate others, guess what? They will hate you back, and you won’t have any friends or dates! Even though saying “I love you” is often overused, at least that phrase spreads love, as opposed to saying I hate you, which (unless you are flirting) only spreads hate and anger.

Do you hate anybody (as a joke)? If so, shout it out in the comments. Click “post to Facebook” if you are brave! Now, we encourage you to be cool, so only tell us who you hate if it is a joke, you know, like a guy or girl you may really like.



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