September 20, 2014

I Heart U

Phone with I heart u texted on itYou may have been texted I heart u before and asked what it even means. I heart u is basically a cute and fun way of saying I love you. It is usually used by women, but men will use if too. If someone texts or says I heart u, then she probably finds you to be pretty funny, adorable, handsome, and cute! If you are a guy, and a girl says this to you, she could view you as anything from her knight in shining armor to her big, stuffed, teddy bear that reminds her of her chubby brother.

When a friend says I heart u, she means that you are someone she relates to, trusts, and has some fun with, as a friend. On average, women tell their friends I heart u more than men tell their guy friends it, because women view the phrase as a way of showing their friendship. They will text their girlfriends it often, and they may text a guy friend I heart u, and they could mean it romantically, or, they could  mean that dude is totally in the “friend zone.” Girls can be kind of funny that ways fellas! Some men will every so often text I heart u, but not to a guy friend, only to a girl friend. If a guy types I heart u to another dude, he is probably joking, or totally clueless, or possibly gay. We are not here to judge, just saying!

When a boyfriend or girlfriend texts or says I heart u, it can mean different things. The phrase could mean there is some interest in sex, and some attraction. Just be aware that he could be texting I heart u to every girl in the school, or every guy AND girl, if he is confused about his identity, which is totally possible since he has blond tips in his hair. It is common for teenagers to say I heart u to their boyfriends and girlfriends, because telling someone that is a way of telling them I love you without being as serious. Since most of these teenage relationships will not last very long, it is likely good that I heart u is stated instead of the real thing. I hate to kill the mood, but seriously, will a junior high relationship really last beyond school? It will be lucky to last past 3:00 PM (you had better hurry and declare your love!).

When a relative says I heart u, it means he will be in your life as blood, and remember that blood is thicker than water, and you should always stick with family. If a relative texts you I heart u you may want to get a little suspicious. What kind of creeper relative would text you that? Maybe uncle John would do that, you know the one listed on that website.

I heart u can be confusing. People will say it, but not even mean it the way another person means it. Some people say I heart u but do not mean it at all! This is why you need to be careful if someone throws around the phrase because some people just see it as a fun phrase that suggests friendship, and they do not use it to mean they love you romantically. This is especially true of girls that are just full of love, and must tell everybody of their love, which a guy takes to mean there is a spark there.

The magical words I heart u cause some people to do crazy things for others they would not normally be caught dead doing. After a person texts their “heart” some people will buy that person very expensive gifts, get physically close with them, among other shaky things. Be cautious of people that say “I heart u” too soon or too much in a romantic relationship. They may be manipulating you or they might be emotionally needy, because even though I heart u is not as serious as the genuine phrase, it can still be used in a less-than-good way. Plus, nobody wants to be dating or married to somebody that is a slave. I knew a girl that bought her boyfriend’s lunch every day because he said he loved her. A few months later she is fifty dollars poorer, and he has a new girl buying him lunch.

Do you heart anybody? Do you want to say I heart u to anybody special? Be sure to share it in the comments below and be sure to check “post to Facebook” so your friends see that special message!



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