September 30, 2014

I Like Her

girl doing handstand on beachIs there a girl you find attractive and you tell your friends I like her all the time? When I was in high school I think I told my friends I like her about a new girl each week. Of course even though I said I like her, it didn’t mean that I actually went out with any of these girls. However, now I know the secrets to go from saying I like her, I like girls or I like women to actually dating someone. Below are my tips to get a girlfriend.

Tip 1: I like her but I can’t approach her

This problem, called approach anxiety, is common for guys. They say I like her to their friends, but can’t get the courage to actually talk to the girl themselves. You feel like you’ll die if you talk to the girl! However, you won’t. The key is to remind yourself that approaching a girl won’t kill you. In fact, think of the reward if she likes you back. You’ll have to get rid of the negative self talk in your brain. If you fear rejection, then you need to keep it in perspective. Getting rejected by someone you barely know isn’t really that big of a deal.

Tip 2: I like her but she doesn’t like me back

You’ve said I like her to your friends, but you hear she doesn’t like you back. Or, maybe you approached her and she told you this herself. If you consistently find that girls don’t like you back, you should ask yourself why. Typically women reject low value men, but like guys who are high value. So, whatever your age, you have to be high value. Just telling your friends I like her doesn’t mean you’re high value!

Join a club, get in shape, become the captain of a sports team, start your own business, create a stand up comedy routine, etc. Do something that gets you positive attention and lets people know you are different and successful.

Tip 3: I like her, but she’s out of my league

I don’t believe in leagues. If you say I like her and your friend gives you a funny look, ignore him. Any girl, no matter how popular or hot is within your reach. By saying I like her but she’s out of my league, you’re putting her on a pedestal. Remember, a woman is just a human being with all the flaws and problems of all humans.

So, approach and get to know everyone, no matter how supposedly beautiful or popular they are. And don’t suck up. Don’t buy girls flowers, drinks, movie tickets, etc. unless they’re going out with you already. Don’t bribe women into liking you. Just like teachers don’t like a brown noser, women don’t like butt kissers.

Tip 4: I like her but I can’t get her number

When it comes time to making the close with a girl, the best thing is to be direct. Don’t tell your friend I like her and ask him to get you her number. Don’t ask for her number days later or go through her friend either. Be direct. Girls like confident guys. You can use humor if you want, though. Say something like “I can tell you really dig me. Why don’t you give me your number?” Smile, however, or she’ll think you’re arrogant. Also, you could always add her on Facebook, which is easier than asking for a number.

It’s also important that you’ve built some rapport with a girl before asking for her for her information. Otherwise you’ll just look creepy.

With my advice you can go from saying I like her to I like my girlfriend. Why not tell us about girls you like in our comments section? Click “post to Facebook” to let your friends and the world know which girls you have the hots for!



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