October 1, 2014

I Like You

A woman and a child sitting by the lakeYou’ve been told I like you or even had someone text I like u many times throughout your life. Some people say it other ways, but either way the phrase is pretty powerful and can set off butterflies in your stomach if you are liked by the right person. But, really, what does I like you even mean, and what are some ways to say I like you and to show it? It really is worth exploring the different meanings of I like you, so I will provide you with some ways to say and show it, since it can mean different things depending on the context (and I am not necessarily going to give you traditional ideas, like writing love poems; you have tried that I am sure).

1: Be Great At Something, and Teach Others How to Be Great

Some people use the phrase I like you for things other than people. I will discuss people a little bit later. I mean, I like people, but I like other things too. For example I like food, I like things, and I like sports. I also like holidays. Many people, like myself, are fond of living things besides people. For example, I like animals and I like nature. I even sometimes tell my pets “I like you” even though they don’t understand words (well, mine does, but she is smart).

Notice that everything I mentioned are all interests. I have hobbies and interests, and therefore I am good at things. Maybe you are good at something too, such as sports or music. You can say I like you by sharing your excellence with others by helping them out when they need it. If you are on a volleyball or football team, and your teammates need some help, be sure to offer it. Don’t do the actual task for them, because that doesn’t say I like you; that says “I am a sucker.”

2: Be More Confident

When a romantic interest says I like you, it typically is a roundabout way of saying that person is romantically interested in you, and probably wants to “date.” If said while smiling, turning red, etc, the words I like you convey sexual interest, romantic attraction, possible commitment, and the desire to hang out more. Sometimes teens will say I like you while really meaning I love you. Thus, it is common for teens and pre-teens to say I like you to their boyfriends, girlfriends, or potential ones, as a way to avoid expressing their true deep feelings and getting hurt. If you say I like you to somebody, and they say “thank you,” it is much easier to brush that off than if you used “love” instead!

When a relative says I like you, it means they probably are pleasantly surprised you are a likable person, since they may not like other family members. These are the people you should hang with at the next reunion! A relative may rarely say I don’t like you, because he is family, but he may think it. This is why I like family so much, because they know how to keep their mouths shut to keep the peace.

Speaking of romance, if you want to show that you like someone, one way to show I like you is to just be a confident guy or gal. If you are confident, people want to be around you. My friends know I like them because I am confident. They don’t have to ask me if I like them, and they know if I have a problem with them, I will say something and it will be over. This is why by being confident you can show others that you like them. If you are that shy and timid guy or gal that is never straight up with your friends, you aren’t saying I like you by your actions!

3: Be a Flexible and Cool Person

When a friend says I like you, that person thinks you are interesting, fun, or at the very least trustworthy. Typically, women are more honest with their feelings, and will tell their friends I like you more than men, although guys will say it too. When referring to a guy-friend, women may say to their girlfriends I like him, but mean it strictly in a non-romantic sense, depending on her tone of voice. If she says I like you while giggling, well, it could mean something more (see below). However, a guy may think “I like her” and mean romance, while a girl may express her like for him, and think of him as a younger brother or a cuddly, fuzzy, stuffed animal.

Some men will occasionally get some courage (after drinking I guess) and say I like you to their buddies, as long as it is clearly a friend thing, i.e. it is platonic. Usually guys will say I like you as a joke or half-joke, like “yeah, you know, I like you dude!” If a man refers to a friend, saying I like him, he typically means he gets along with him well and finds him fun and awesome, a good guy to hang out with, and even get into trouble with (we call it “getting rowdy” here in the sticks).

One way to say I like you is to just be flexible with others. Do you have friends that always get worked up over little things? Chances are when this friend acts like this you don’t feel very liked. If you want to say I like you then be cool and flexible with everybody. You will also be much more popular and attractive if you act like this!

4: Say I Like You and Mean It

I think it is a good idea to say I like you a lot, because it is a good thing to always appreciate others. I guarantee there are people that you really like: friends, relatives, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, parents, etc. These people give you a lot of their time and energy, yet has an I like you ever come out of your mouth? You also need to say I like you to somebody else. Who is that? It is a good idea to say and mean I like myself.

5: Smile!

Remember Buddy the Elf? Yeah, I like Buddy the Elf. What was his favorite? Smiling was his favorite. Smiling is a universal sign of liking and interest. If nobody likes you, it could be that you don’t smile enough. You may just be thinking, chilling, or whatever, but if you don’t smile, people will never think of you and think I like you. You can show people you like them by smiling more. Don’t smile a huge goofy grin though. Just give them a warm smile that says I like you and they will like you back.

So now is your chance to tell that special someone I like you. Whom do you like? Tell that special someone I like you by commenting below. Be sure to check “post to Facebook” and share your special like message with all your family and friends!



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