October 2, 2014

I Love Life

Water dripping from pine needlesI wake up every morning and remind myself that I love life. Yes, I love life and you can too. It is sad that some people do not love life, and will even sarcastically question why someone like me even says I love life. Let me explain below why I love life, and I will provide you some tips to help you enjoy your life more. Before you read this article, can you imagine that it really is possible to love life right now? Do you know that people can change their brain wiring to make positive changes easily?

I love life because life is so rich with meaning. Even the ordinary things, like the color of the sky or the smell of a summer day can be rich and meaningful experiences. I love life when I slow down to enjoy the moment. This is a concept called mindfulness. Here is a basic way to be mindful. Take a moment right now to just stop and focus on your breathing. Just be aware of your breath. Then allow your awareness to expand, to include whatever else you may be seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. You may find that you never really paid attention to life before. Mindfulness, according to Jon Kabat-Zinn in his book Wherever You Go, There You Are  is kind of like being a child again, by experiencing reality like it is new again. How can you ever say I love life if you never actually experience life? Take a moment to just pay attention and you may find that your experience of life will get better. To do so is almost spiritual, which is one reason why I enjoy and I love church.

I love life because every day is a new adventure. However, I didn’t always view lie like this. I would stay inside, watch TV, and the hours would just blur together. In this state, I can tell you that I would never have said I love life. However, eventually I decided to get off of my butt and live a little, and you can too. I ran outside more often, did some of my extra work at coffee shops instead of at home, walked around my neighborhood more, and began talking to more people wherever I went. Now when I do this I love life more than ever.

I love life because I choose to love it. One way I do this is to “re-frame” situations in my life. A re-frame is taking your perspective on an event or thought and changing it to create a better perspective. So, let’s say you get laid off from your job. One frame might be to feel sorry for yourself, make your family miserable, and sit around and mope depressed for the next few months. A better frame would be to realize that you didn’t like your job anyway, and getting laid off was just the push you needed to finally have time to start that business you always wanted to own. I love life because I can re-frame any situation to be more positive.

Overall, I love life and I am not afraid to say it. I love life because life is full of possibilities. A new day is a great chance to see what happens next. So I love life because I pay attention, life is full of adventures, and I actually choose to love life. Yes, that is right, you can choose to love life right this very minute. Choosing to do this is kind of like waking up. Once you do, you will be amazed how much of life you actually missed!

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