September 23, 2014

I Love U

A cell phone with I love u typed on itMy grandma got a text from my niece that said I love u. My grandma doesn’t understand text language so the first thought that ran through her mind was that my niece loved the letter “u.” This may sound silly, but the older generation doesn’t often type I love u like the younger generation does. However young people know exactly what I love u means and text it and type it all the time. It may be written as I luv u or even I luv you, but either way, it says something personal. What exactly does it mean? Does it mean you are loved romantically or just as friends? Well…it depends.

When a friend says I love u, she means that she thinks you are cool and wants to spend time with you. Girls tell their friends I love u more than guys, because girls are okay with saying it. Guys are afraid of being called gay, so they rarely text I love u to each other. However, some guys will type I love u to their buddies, but usually only as a joke.

When a boyfriend or girlfriend says I love u, it can mean lots of things. The words I love u show romantic interest, physical attraction, and the desire to hang out. It means someone wants to go out with you. I bet you and your girlfriend or boyfriend say I love u to you all the time. You enjoy it when you are told these words, but it probably disgusts you when your friend gets 100 texts a day from their boyfriend saying “I love u”. I mean, can’t he take a break??

When your mom texts I love u, she means it in a way that is deeper than your love interest, at least it should be deeper. She did raise you! If your dad says it, that is cool, but most dad’s will just assume you know that he loves you.

I love u is a confusing phrase. People will say it, but not mean it! This is why parents and teachers want you to wait until you are older to tell someone “I love u” unless there is long-term commitment involved in your relationships. The magic words I love u make some people do dumb things for other people. Just because someone says I love u doesn’t mean you have to obey them. I have seen girls wash a guy’s car just because he said he loved her. Be very suspicious of people that say “I love u” too quickly. They may be tricking you or emotionally needy!

Overall, feel free to text I love u whenever you want, but make sure you mean it, and don’t ever be someone’s slave just because he or she says that love is there between you.



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