September 22, 2014

I Love You

A spray painted "I love you" heartYou have probably been told I love you or even been texted I love u many times throughout your life. You want to love, and make friends, get a date, and experience romance. However, sometimes saying I love you isn’t enough, if you want to make an impression on the people you love. The sad fact is that many people overuse the phrase I love you, and will say it many times a day, but not really impact the other person in a way that says I love youI love people, and if you do too, it is worth exploring how to better show and tell people I love you. Below are four easy ways to show and say I love you (besides your normal advice like write love letters and send love sms texts)!

#1. Be a cool and flexible friend
When a friend says I love you, they mean that they consider you someone they can trust, relate to, and have fun with. Typically, women tell their friends I love you more than men tell each other that, because women tend to view love as something more than just romance. A woman will often refer to a friend, and say I love her, and mean nothing much by it. When referring to a man friend, they may say to their girlfriends I love him, but mean it only in a non-romantic sense. Unfortunately, a woman may say I love you to a guy friend, and the man will get all tingly and excited, but all she really means is “I love you like I love my brother or a stuffed teddy bear.” This is not what guys want to hear. Some men will bite the bullet and occasionally say I love you to their buddies, as long as it is clearly understood to be platonic (i.e. as a friend). Usually guys have to say it as a joke. If a man refers to a friend and says I love you, he typically means he gets along with him well and finds him funny and awesome. A man, even a popular man can say I love you to another guy simply by being cool, but don’t ever dare say it, or you might get punched.

However, you don’t have to say I love you to show it to your friend. By simply being a cool, relaxed, and flexible person, you will show your love. For example, if a friend does something that annoys you, and you know that they didn’t intend to hurt or bother you, give them a break. You would want them to do the same thing. See, you can say I love you simply by being flexible. The more you are flexible, the more people will want to be around you, and the more friends, dates, boyfriends, and girlfriends you will attract. You may even hear marry me from that special someone!

#2. Be Confident

When a romantic interest says I love you, it can mean a variety of things. The words I love you convey sexual interest, attraction, commitment, and the desire to hang out. Sometimes teens will say I like you as a way of saying I love you without actually saying the real words. It is common for teens and pre-teens to say I love you to their romantic interests, in part to act like adults, but most of these relationships won’t last, but we are we to deny that their declarations of I love you aren’t real? They certainly feel real, even if their I love you statements are just coming from a super-charged broth of teenage hormonal insanity.
However, as you know, just saying I love you doesn’t mean you are showing your love. One way to show love (and to get it back), is to be confident. People find confidence attractive and will admire you. Remember that friend you have who is so shy he can’t stand up for himself? Does he ever show you love? Probably not much because he is too busy getting his head dunked in toilets by school bullies to ever do anything positive for anybody.

If you are confident, you stand up for others and make other people’s day better. You can say I love you by being confident, around the people you love and everybody.

#3. Show it in your body language

Did you know that your body language is powerful? You can show I love you by doing some very important things. Whether in your marriage, to your date, or with your friends, body language says I love you like words cannot. One simple way to show love is to smile. Don’t give a huge cheesy smile. A nice, warm smile will do. Also, show I love you through touch. A gentle touch on the arm or shoulder shows interest. You can show someone you are interested by touching them in a loving and non-threatening way. Just keep it appropriate because you want to make friends, not end up in jail!

#4. Stick Together

When a relative says I love you, it means they will be there for you as only a relative can. These are the people you should stick with! This is why I love family so much, because if I ask do you love me, they always say “yes!” You can show your relatives your love by being patient, loving, and sticking with them. Or you could just find all the faults of every family member, complain constantly, and the minute a relative stands up to you, just disown them and hold a grudge for thirty years; that is how my grandma did it, God rest her soul that is now surely rotting in hell.

If you want to show you love someone, stick together. Don’t be someone’s slave or put up with bad behavior (you want to be confident, remember?). However, you want to stick with people you love, especially your family. So say, and show, I love you, to your family today!

#5. Help Others Be Excellent

Some people use the word love for things other than people. For example I love foodI love things, and I love sports. I love holidays too. Many people also have a fondness for living things besides people. For example, I love animals and I love nature. I even sometimes tell my pets I love you even though they don’t understand words, but you can show a pet love by giving it care, and treating it with respect and love. They show it back by ignoring you and shedding all over your house. Notice that all of these things that I love are interests.

To say I love you, find something you are good at. Find something that you love. Do it well, and help others do it well too. If you give people your time and energy, and help them become better at something, you will say I love you without using words.


I love you can be a misleading phrase. People will say it, but either not mean it the same way another person does, or not mean it at all! This is why many parents, teachers, and psychologists suggest not throwing around the phrase “I love you” unless there is some degree of commitment involved in a relationship. The magic words I love you can make some people do crazy things for other people they would never normally do. Just because a person says I love you some people will buy that person things, get intimate with them, etc. Be very cautious of people that say “I love you” too soon. They may be manipulative or emotionally needy! Some people may only be in a relationship because of physical reasons. I admit, I love sex, but there has to be more than just that.

Overall, use I love you sparingly, but show love all the time, so as to not overuse this powerful phrase. One way to guarantee that you won’t do crazy things is to have love for yourself. So it is probably a good idea to say I love you to myself, and mean it, and you should do the same.

Who do you love? Do you want to declare your love for someone, and tell them I love you! Be sure to comment below, and if you are brave (are you??) make sure you check “post to Facebook” for your friends to see!



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