September 21, 2014

Love and Romantic Text Messages

Are you here looking for love text messages? For free romantic ones? I am going to give you a few sample love text messages that are effective, which is to say, they will help you show you care without looking like an idiot. I have sorted them below by sex, since girls and guys should send different types of love texts. However, I also want to give you some secrets for writing love text messages below, because I believe that original love texts are far more effective than stealing love texts from the internet. Our free love texts are great – funny, confident, loving, effective, etc, but you really need to learn how to write your own. If you have ever gotten romantic texts you knew were swiped from the web, you know it doesn’t feel too special.

From males sent to females
u r pretty cool 4 a girl ;)
u look hot today…so wear less clothes
ur great, ur my 2nd favorite girlfriend
i’m busy, will txt later
ur lucky baby, since ur dating me
ur hotter a chile pepper floating on lava
it was great for u 2 meet me

From females sent to males
u rock my world :)
u are the man of my dreams
u look great today
i heart u
i have a surprise for u later ;)
ur hotter a chile pepper floating on lava

These are just samples. You will want to learn how to write your own love texts if you want to “wow” that special someone. Below I explain how to do it, again, divided by gals and guys. This is advice you won’t find elsewhere, but it is based on the science of human relationships.

You have to be confident and funny in your love text message. It is all right to show that you care, but don’t be all gushy, passive, and needy. Don’t text her hundreds of times a day, and don’t text her back immediately. You are an excellent guy, right? This means you have better things to do than to write love texts all day. Even though girls claim to like a guy that caters to their every need, they don’t. Look at the jerks that a lot of women date; they aren’t gushing over their girls or telling them what they want to hear. It is the “nice guys” that are dateless, no matter what girls tell you they want. Women like confident guys. If you obey her every order, you will look weak and needy. The love texts I gave you above show confidence, and they are funny. They also show that you don’t care too much and that you have a life. Trust me, if you suggest that you can take or leave her, she will like you more. Again, no girl I know likes a needy dude that always kisses her butt in person or using romantic text messages.

It’s ok to gush over a guy a little. He will appreciate it. However, don’t be too crazy. Guys like space. If they think you aren’t giving them space, they will leave you, and will label you as nuts. Many guys are afraid of commitment and will bail from a relationship fast if they think you are “closing in” on them. You want your love texts to be romantic, but not crazy. Don’t text things like “ur mine forever” or “we r soul mates” or something like that. That will scare most guys off. Also, don’t text him all day. Don’t send him texts all the time, and certainly don’t get mad when he doesn’t respond immediately. I know many guys and most do not like being bombarded with texts. Just be cool about it, and your love text messages will go over just fine!

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