September 16, 2014

Love SMS Text Messages

I luv you on a phoneAre you here searching for a love sms and free love sms text messages? I am going to give you a love sms or more that are very effective at getting you that girl, guy, boyfriend, or girlfriend you want. I have sorted these by “for guys” and for “ladies” so you can use them properly. Guys and girls don’t respond to romance in the same way, so it is vital that you not send the wrong type of love sms. However, I also want to give you a few inside secrets for writing and choosing an effective love sms, because I believe that an original love sms is far more appealing than a sample free love sms. Below you will find our collection. Feel free to use these, but scroll down to learn how to compose your own effective sms love text messages.

For guys to girls
u r pretty rad 4 a girl ;)
ur hotter a cayenne pepper floating on lava
it was awesome 4 u 2 meet me
u look hott today…take some clothes off
ur great, ur my 3rd fave girlfriend
i’m busy, will txt u later
ur lucky baby, since u get 2 date me

For girls to guys

u totally rock my world :)
i i have a surprise for u tonite ;)
u r the man of my dreams
u look hot today

These are just some examples. You will definitely want to learn how to write your own love sms and text messages. Below I explain how to do it, divided based on your sex.

You have to be confident, excellent, and funny when you write a love sms. It is okay to show your affection, but don’t be all mushy, passive, and needy. Although girls claim to want a guy that is extra “nice,” they really don’t, and you know it. If they did, the nice guys would have dates and the jerks would be sitting at home on weekends, but this is not the case. Women love confident guys, period. Part of the way you show your confidence is by being funny and by not caring too much. I can tell you, that if you aren’t confident, your chances of getting, and keeping, a girl are slim. If you obey her every order, and send her a sms to this effect, you will look weak and needy. The love messages I gave you above show confidence, and they are funny. They also show that you don’t care too much, which makes you look confident as can be. The one about being busy is very important. Don’t text her back immediately all the time. Make her wait a little. If you are excellent, you have things to do besides getting back to her right away, right? Trust me, if you basically show her that you can take or leave her, she will like you more. Again, nobody likes a needy dude.

It’s ok to gush over a guy, if you restrain yourself. He will appreciate it. However, don’t be too weird or act like a stalker. Guys like some space. If they think you aren’t giving them a basic amount of space, they will leave you. Many guys are afraid of commitment and will bail from a relationship very quickly if they think you are squeezing them. You want your love sms to be romantic, but not crazy. Don’t text things like “u r mine eternally” or “we r everlasting soul mates” or something like that. That will scare most guys off. I know guys very well, and I can tell you, they have a word for girls like this: psycho. Also, don’t send him an sms every hour, on the hour, or send him hundreds a day. I know many guys and most do not like being blasted with texts. Just be cool about it. Guys like to get your attention, but there can be too much of a good thing. Like I said, it is ok to be romantic, but don’t be a psycho!

See, writing your own love sms text messages is easy!



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