September 30, 2014

Sex Beast

Sex beast is not just a nickname a woman has for a particularly active boyfriend. While there’s never been a literal sex beast throughout history, the concept of sex with a mythical beast has been a staple of legend. So, the closest a woman can come to meeting a true sex beast may be in the books of lore and modern fiction. However, books and movies with sex beasts tell us a lot about what women want and how men can be successful with women in dating.

The first sex beast is the werewolf. The werewolf is a human who morphs into a beast. However, in most literature, the woman is interested not in the human side, but in the beast. One can find werewolf sex beasts in art and literature of the past and the present day. Even in the movie “Teen Wolf,” the main character becomes a sex beast (literally and figuratively) only when he turns into a werewolf.

Another type of sex beast is the vampire. While not truly a beast, the vampire is not a typical human either. While vampires are often shown being more human at times, it is in their vampire state where they are attractive to women, and thus, become a sex beast. The Twilight movies portray vampires as sex beasts. The same is true in the 80s movie “Lost Boys” where the shy Michael becomes a sex beast only when turning into a vampire.

While there are other examples of a sex beast in literature, movies, and art, the existence of the sex beast himself is fascinating. The sex beast, even when he has a human side, is attractive to women only when in the sex beast form. In fact, the human part of the sex beast is usually portrayed as a very average, often bumbling and shy man.

The portrayal of the sex beasts gives an important truth about men. Women do not like the average, wimpy beta male (the nice guy), but prefer someone unique, edgy, and even a little mean. The sex beast then becomes an image for the rebel, the fighter, or most importantly, the one who is interesting by virtue of his power. Thus, the sex beast in literature is akin to the alpha male of the modern world.

In order to be a sex beast with women, you simply have to project your value to them. Looks are important, but in the end it comes down to power. Are you confident, powerful, and worth (there’s the value word) knowing intimately?

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