September 17, 2014


Sister can mean different things for different people. The most basic definition of sister is a female in relation to the other siblings of parents. This is the most common usage of sister. However, the term sister has a far broader meaning than just a natural sibling.

First, sister has a religious connotation, especially in the Christian Faith. For Catholics, a sister is a religious who takes a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The woman is called a sister and is usually addressed as sister followed by her first name.

Sometimes sister is used in the evangelical churches to describe a female with whom one shares the same Christian faith. Thus, sisters refers to the relationship of female believers with each one having God as their father. At revival and church meetings it’s common to hear believers refer to other females as “sister” so-and-so.

Sister also speaks of our connection to each other as human beings. We call our fellow female humans sisters to show that we are united, brother and sister, in the human race. Sister is used by idealists who want everyone to get along. So, calling each other sister describes our interconnectedness. Sometimes this use of sister is associated with hippies or liberals.

Sister is also a slang term used in the African American culture. Blacks will call females of that race their sister to emphasize the solidarity they share as blacks, especially black women. The term sister was more widely used in the 70s and 80s, but sister is often used today in this context too. For example, Sister Souljah was a rap artist of the 90s and is still active today.

Another sister is important too: a good friend who is like a sister. This friend is sometimes called a sister from another mother, which implies that the friend is so close that she could be a literal blood sister. We can all find information and facts that point to friends and classmates that we view like sisters and brothers.

Throughout history there have been many famous sisters. There aren’t as many well-known sisters in the past because ancient writers were more concerned with males. However, the Grimke sisters were famous in abolishing slavery and the Bronte sisters were great authors. Today, Venus and Serena Williams are famous athlete sisters. Jackie and Joan Collins and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are famous actress sisters.

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