September 16, 2014


A stepdaughter is a girl that lives in a blended family. Basically, a step daughter lives with a non biological parent and a step parent. A stepdaughter doesn’t always have an easy time in life. She often has to encounter divorce, a new parent and a family, possible relocation to a new school, etc. And, the step daughter typically has to find a way to address these problems as a child! However, it’s just as tough for the parents of stepdaughter too. Here is some advice to help make blended families work.

Step daughters and their parents must first recognize that life involves both give and take. A step daughter can’t expect to get her way whenever she wants it. The parents of a stepdaughter must also be sensitive to the needs of their step daughter and compromise. Sometimes the step daughter can be spoiled. That behavior must end quickly. Otherwise the stepdaughter can bring strife to the family.

Second, the stepdaughter and her mom and dad must answer discipline questions. A step daughter will typically try to turn her natural parent against the new step parent to get what she wants. A stepdaughter must never be allowed to do this consistently since it will create chaos. The natural parent may want to handle all discipline or possibly delegate some duties to the step parent. This is fine, but the natural parent must support the decisions of the step-parent or it will confuse and embolden the stepdaughter.

Third, if a new baby enters the family, the stepdaughter may have to address jealous feelings and sulking. I advise trying to get the step daughter to bond with the child and even take on a few responsibilities so the step daughter can be emotionally connected to the child. Don’t go too far, though, by forcing the step daughter to babysit. She could resent the new child which is bad.

Finally, the step daughter and her parents must learn to love as a family. Love will never be equal (a step daughter may keep score), but you should always give the step daughter the same love and affection you show the non step daughter. The step daughter should then show respect to the step-parent.

As you can see, it’s not hard to make a blended family with a step daughter work. It just takes a little effort on the part of parents and the step daughter.

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